Clay Brock seemed destined for a life in wine after growing up in Napa Valley where his dad managed vineyards. He has worked in the wine industry since 1985, and now claims to have the coolest job on the Coast - Director of Winemaking at Wild Horse Winery & Vineyards since 2008.

Clay graduated from Cal Poly and worked in winemaking at Edna Valley Vineyards, Bryon Vineyards in Santa Maria and Zaca Mesa for seven years prior to joining Wild Horse.

Clay is particularly proud of his Pinot Noir – it is good and consistent across vintages and with increasing volume. His favorite wine to make is Cheval Sauvage. He is interested in the biodynamic cycles of the vineyard, especially the notion of 'fruit days' or 'leaf days' or 'root days' that can affect whether something tastes or looks phenomenal … or terrible.

His ultimate food pairing is dry Rose and pizza. He travels widely and enjoys 5 star, but leans towards the 'low brow'. He will travel far for great BBQ, great deli sandwiches and epic sporting events.


Learn more about Clay Brock and his work! Click the link below to watch Clay's video.